Premium Book Cover Design Case Study for The Necromancer’s End


There are never too few Premium Book Cover Design case studies. Do you agree? 

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  • Heavy photo manipulation, 3D modeling, and digitally painted elements
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Now, let’s move to the impressive book cover we created for Jack Pembroke’s fantasy The Necromancer’s End. 

The story of the book

  • Title: The Necromancer’s End
  • Author: Jack Pembroke
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Plot: Jeremiah Thorn, a kindhearted young man who happens to be a novice necromancer, is condemned to die by an uncaring kingdom. When he is discovered by a group of adventurers, it seems his time is up–can he convince them that he’s more valuable alive than dead?
  • Settings: Medieval times. Primarily a large walled capital city with high highs and low lows. Bureaucracy is big there.

How did we see this book cover?

Jack Pembroke provided us with a very detailed description of his book. He also shared some of the covers and images that he likes.

The author noted that he would like to see a hooded figure, arms outstretched toward the reader, with strings coming down from his hands connected to amorphous undead forms like a puppet master. The same strings should be attached to his hands and arms and running up the book, off-panel.

Our designer was extremely inspired by the book’s plot. He reviewed all the information provided and created two book cover concepts. Let’s check them out.

Book cover concept #1


Main character

The first version is focused on the central character, Jeremiah. To enhance the mystique and reflect the book’s plot, he wears a black robe, adding mystery and intrigue to his appearance. Green streams of magic symbolize Jeremiah’s control over the dead.


At the bottom of the cover are more figures of the living dead, positioned in a way that highlights Jeremiah’s absolute power over them. The smoke creates a dark atmosphere that aligns with the storyline.

Color palette

Lines of red magic framing Jeremiah symbolize the power controlling him. When combined with the green streams, the contrasting color scheme creates a visually striking cover.


The chosen style fits well within the fantasy genre. It is aesthetically pleasing and legible, even in a smaller size. This ensures that readers can easily read and understand the title and other textual elements.

Book cover concept #2


Main character

In the second version, the designer placed Jeremiah in a prominent position and emphasized other vital elements. The magical bubble is crucial, so we included it to highlight the main character. Jeremiah’s hands emit a subtle yellow magic to show his supernatural power.


Within the bubble, readers can see the city, serving as a reference to the story’s environment and era. This inclusion helps to provide the audience with a visual connection to the fictional world.


At the bottom of the cover, the hands of the resurrected dead outstretch toward the protagonist symbolizing their submission to the necromancer. These hands add a bizarre and mysterious touch to the composition.


We chose different styles to create contrast and better align with the overall aesthetic of this version. However, it still suits the fantasy genre and complements the tone of the cover.  

What book cover concept did the author choose?

Jack Pembroke was delighted by both concepts but decided to move forward with the second one. The author asked for some changes.

Color palette

The story is, for all its drama and violence, a fairly light-hearted story, so the cover should reflect that in some way. The author offered to brighten up the fully black background, maybe, with some gold gradient.


Part of the big thematic elements of the story are about the protagonist finding a family, in that way, it’s a bit of an ensemble story. The three supporting characters play a constant and instrumental role in Jeremiah’s life. Jack Pembroke offered to add them along some of the sides or behind the character.

Our designer upgraded the book cover according to the author’s wishes:

What did the process of further work with the client look like?

The author enjoyed the improvement, especially the color palette. But it was not the final result, as Jack Pembroke needed some changes for the background characters.


The male character could have a bit of facial hair and a cocky smile. It would also be great to add any chest or arm tattoos. His age should be the early 30s.


The right female character should be aged up a bit and have her hair more up. She’s a highly professional heroine, and her hair is always in the way.


The left female character needs more frizzy or wild hair.


The undead hands at the bottom are too obviously cloned, so they needed a bit of variety between them.

Here’s the result of this revision:

We are almost there! The author asked for two more changes:

  • Delilah should have an upturned chin to look more confident because she is a very politically strong character.
  • Allison needs a proper metal armored torso.

Now, let’s enjoy the striking final result:

Summing up

The final book cover matches the genre’s expectations and sparks readers’ imagination.

It features the protagonist in a prominent position, highlighted with a magical bubble. The hands of the resurrected dead outstretch toward the character symbolizing their submission to the necromancer. Thus, the whole image looks magnetizing and thrilling.

What do you think about this book cover design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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