Book Cover Redesign for The Order of the Dark Rose


We have already shared impressive case studies within our premium and custom book cover design services. How about seeing the process of creating a new version of an existing cover?

Yes, we are talking about a book cover redesign! After all, it is a great way to breathe new life into your book, attract more readers, and boost your sales.

So, today, we introduce you to a new cover for P. H. Solomon’s gaslamp and steampunk fantasy, The Order of the Dark Rose. Let’s dive in!

The story of the book

  • Title: The Order of the Dark Rose
  • Author: P. H. Solomon
  • Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy, Steampunk Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Plot: Manny, an arch-mage, faces a tough time: he’s cursed, jobless, and has an unseen enemy. Despite these challenges, he’s determined to survive and overcome the curse. Alongside his non-magical partner, Wish, Manny starts a magical investigation service to clear his name and seek revenge for his fiancé’s death. Together, they uncover a conspiracy tied to Manny’s curse. Hindered by the curse’s limits, they navigate through dangers, including assassins and a mysterious mastermind, to expose the truth and fight back.
  • Settings: Alternate world fantasy with a London-esque feel of the 19th century.

What did the previous book cover design look like?

P. H. Solomon wanted to highlight the characters more. The author also felt it needed to be updated without upper and lower panels and a typeface that matches steampunk and gaslamp fantasy books with detectives, magic, etc.


What was the first book cover redesign sketch?

Our designer has created the book cover version below, considering the author’s wishes. 


What makes this design stand out?

  • The main character wields a magical wand emitting a bright blue light, emphasizing the fantasy element.
  • A foggy, Victorian-era cityscape in the background reveals the story’s settings.
  • Geometric Art Deco borders frame the scene, adding a touch of elegance and period authenticity.

P. H. Solomon loved the general direction, concept, and color palette. The author requested some changes:

  • Try the Broken Knight typeface for typography style and make the edges more rounded
  • Change the character poses and the second hero’s weapon type
  • Update the second character’s appearance.

By the way, P. H. Solomon enjoyed the rose in the title and the magical light effect.

What did the updated book cover redesign version look like?

Considering the author’s wishes, our designer made changes and presented an updated version.

This version featured excellent typography, background, poses, weapon, and edge design. However, P. H. Solomon asked to add hats, coats, and vests to the characters’ look. The hats could be slightly stylishly turned or cocked to the side, riding naturally on their heads.

The final book cover redesign

During the process, the author also decided to change the hat shape and remove the frame. Now you can enjoy the final book cover redesign:

To wrap up

The book cover looks bright and magical thanks to the colors and glowing effects. The characters’ clothes and unusual weapons emphasize the gaslamp and steampunk genre. The rose woven into the book’s title attracts attention and makes the typographic style stand out.

Which version of the book cover do you like better? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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