Starting in 2015, we have always aimed at the provision of professional services to publishing houses and self-published authors.

Why partner with us?

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

Professional cover design for every genre

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

Reliable team of 16 designers

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

Saved human and time resources

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

Checkout at the end of the month for the finished projects

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

Unique cover design for an affordable price

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

Guarantee of meeting deadlines

  • Do your employees work overtime?
  • Does your company hire freelance designers and receive poor quality final files?
  • Do you wait for weeks to get the cover designed?
  • Are some of the files used for the covers not licensed and do you have problems with it?

We know how important it is to receive projects on time and to have someone that you can rely on.

MiblArt has got your back as we can create up to 50 custom covers per week for you.

What do you get?

  • high-quality book covers
  • .png, .jpg, .pdf, .psd files
  • unlimited free revisions¬†
  • licensed stock pictures
  • all copyrights for the cover

Contact us at partner@miblart.com to discuss the terms and conditions of our successful partnership.

We are ready to adapt to your individual needs and find the best way for us to partner.