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How MiblArt
Redesigns Your Book

This is how we breath new life
into your cover
  1. Research We analyse your current book cover, your genre, target audience, and plot.
  2. Suggestions Come up with suggestions on how to improve your book cover to make it fit your genre and evoke the right emotions
  3. First draft Provide you with the first draft.
  4. Improvements Polish and improve your book cover (we offer an unlimited number of revisions)
  5. Payment You pay only when you love the final result.

Our Book Cover Redesign Examples

  • Changed imagery to inspire the sense of change, hope, and determination
  • Changed composition to a third-person POV, so readers feel like they’re going on a journey with the character
  • Made the colors more vibrant but avoided sharp contrasts to maintain a dreamful feel
  • Changed typography to improve its readability

  • Changed main art to better communicate the setting and atmosphere
  • Added a stronger focus on the sun and warm hues for dreamful feel
  • Changed typography to improve its readability
  • Picked font and art composition that fit the series branding

  • Changed the imagery so it’s easier to discern the dragon and the character
  • Put the character “in charge” of the cover for a clear focus
  • Changed color palette for a strong contrast and a sense of heat
  • Picked a font that fits the style of the art better
  • Made the title and the author’s name complement each other

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