Premium Book cover Design
Photorealistic characters, 3D renders and diverse assets that bring your cover to life and make it hold up against best-sellers in a genre
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Heavy photo-manipulation to create "wow-effect" and draw the eyes of your readers
Digital painting to make your cover unique and stand out among competitors
3D rendering to fully immerse readers into your book's world
Realistic characters that connect with your readers at a first glance
A personalized approach to creating your book cover, where you’re fully involved in the process
Market research where we provide suggestions on what will work best for your genre
What Our Package Includes
Premium Book
cover design
Premium book cover design with heavy photo manipulation
Digitally painted elements
3D modeling that will bring your book's fictional world to life
Book cover analysis by our creative director
2 book cover design concepts to choose from
Discounts from our partners
3 book promo images of your choice (social media banner, book release image, cover reveal banner, bookmark, ad image, or business card)
Unlimited number of revisions and 100% refund
Print-ready PDF file for two printing services of your choice
A flattened Photoshop file of your cover
*We take a 50% deposit for this service
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Premium Book Cover Design Process
Step 1
Make an order
Fill in the order form and provide us with information about your book’s plot and characters. We take a 50% deposit to start working on your cover.
Step 2
Receive 2 book cover design concepts to choose from
You’ll get 2 book cover design concepts in 5 days. A concept is an early (not polished) version of your cover supposed to show you the main idea of what we suggest to represent.
Step 3
Get a feedback from our creative director
Our creative director will get in touch with you to discuss the vision of your book cover, specifics and trends in your genre, and suggestions on how to make your cover stand out among competitors.
Step 4
Get involved in a book cover design process
After you’ve chosen a concept you like the most, we start working on it. That’s a stage where we accept your feedback and collaborate together to achieve the result you’ll like. Note, that we offer an unlimited number of revisions at this stage.
Step 5
Grab an eye-catching cover and get ready to beat your competition!
After you’ve approved the final book cover design, we provide you with a link to your invoice and prepare the files. After the invoice is paid, we send you high-resolution and print-ready final files. Also, you get 1 month of minor revisions for free.
What does your premium book cover design process looks like?
First of all, you need to fill in the order form and pay a 50% deposit. Our managers will get in touch with you to approve your order and clarify any details if necessary. In 5 business days, you'll get 2 book cover design concepts to choose from as well as the feedback and cover analysis from our creative director and senior designer. Note, that we can make changes to the cover design concepts and adjust them to your requirements. If you feel that we are not on the same page and want to stop cooperation, we provide you with a 100% refund (ONLY on the "concept" stage). Once you've approved the concept to work on, the deposit is not refundable. We work on your cover and use your feedback and suggestions to make any revisions requested (we provide an unlimited number of revisions). Once you're satisfied with the final book cover design, we send over the invoice for the remaining 50% of the project. Once the invoice is paid, you get the high-resolution final files.
What is the difference between your basic and premium cover design?
Premium book cover design involves heavy photo manipulation, digital painting, 3D rendering, and 3D models and works best for authors who want to go beyond standard stock photos and get a more realistic and exclusive book cover design. Also, in premium book cover design, you’re fully involved in the design process. Along with 2 book cover design concepts to choose from, you get feedback from our creative director and senior designer on what concept will work better for your genre and why.
What is the difference between illustrated and premium book cover design?
Premium book cover design looks more realistic, as we use a combination of stock photos, digital painting, and 3D rendering. As a result, you get photo-realistic 3D models and assets which make your book cover look more unique than in our basic design package and more realistic than in illustrated one.
What does the consultation with the creative director include?
Our creative director will get in touch with you and provide you with a book cover analysis that includes the description of 2 suggested book cover design concepts together with detailed explanations of why we offer these ideas and why they will work for your genre and market.
What if I’m not satisfied with book cover design concepts?
We believe that communication is key, that’s why we’ll get in touch with you to discuss what exactly you’d like to change and what elements you want to keep. We’re always open to your suggestions and will do our best to provide you with the concept you like. However, if you feel you don’t get what you need and want to stop working on the concepts, we will provide you with a deposit refund.
What information do I need to know to fill out the order form?
We’ll ask you to provide us with your book title, description, genre, plot overview, as well as links to the covers of your competitors. If you don't know the book size and number of pages yet, you can give us this information whenever you're ready.
What rights do I get?
Miblart grants you all the rights that we posses. We can’t transfer copyright of a cover design to you, since we acquire limited licenses for stock images from third-party vendors to make our designs. However, you are granted the rights to: - Sell and an unlimited number of e-books and promote the book. - Use your print cover to sell up to 500,000 physical copies of the book. If your book exceeds sales of 500,000 copies, you will need to purchase an Extended License from third-party stock images providers for each significant image used on the cover. In such a case, please contact us for further information.
At what stage do you provide a refund?
We provide you with a refund only on the "concept" stage. It means that after you have approved the book cover design concept and our designer has started working on it, the deposit is not refundable. Note, that we provide an unlimited number of revisions.
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