Frequently Asked Questions

Photo manipulated book cover design

? What is your process of book cover design?

First, you need to make the order and fill in the creative brief, so we can learn more about your book and target audience. Note, that we take no prepayment for photo-manipulated book cover design and start working on your cover. We research typography, layouts, and color themes common to your genre to make sure that your book cover design will fit the market.

You get the first draft in 7-10 business days. The first draft is not a finished version of your book cover design that will be improved and polished throughout the process. If you need any changes, we are happy to implement them, as we have no limitations in the number of revisions.  After everything is approved, we send you the invoice. After the payment is confirmed, you get the final files.

? What is the difference between illustrated and photo manipulated book covers?

An illustration is created entirely from scratch using the digital painting technique. Photo manipulated book covers are covers combined from stock photos and manipulated with special effects in graphic design software.

? What information do I need to send you?

We need the following details to start working on your design:

  • Title, subtitle, and author’s name
  • A print book, an ebook, or both
  • Book size and the number of pages
  • Platform or publishing house
  • A paperback, softcover, hardcover, or hardcover with the dust jacket
  • Blurb for the back cover (if needed)
  • Author’s bio and photo (if needed)
  • ISBN, price, and barcode (if needed)
  • The genre of the manuscript
  • Place depicted on the cover
  • Timeframe
  • Character’s gender, age, race, ethnicity, appearance, and outfit
  • Particular details you want to see on your book cover
? How long does it take to create a photo manipulated book cover?

It takes around 7-10 business days to create a book cover concept, which is the quickest timeline in the industry. Please, note, that further revisions require extra time.

? Who are your designers?

We have 5 in-house senior designers who work on your covers and specialize in different genres and techniques: Vova, Oleh, Julia, Mary, and Milan. Our main office is located in Ukraine.

? What genres do you specialize in?

We design a book cover for all genres. If you need more examples of book covers in your genre, feel free to contact us!

? What stock images do you use?

We use only licensed, royalty-free stock photos from such websites as Depositphotos, Shutterstock, Twenty20, Envato Elements, Neostock, etc. Also, you don’t have to pay extra for stock images, the price you pay for your book cover includes all stock images used.

? What if I don’t know what I want to see on the cover?

Actually, you don’t have to. It’s our job to analyze your book idea, target audience, and genre and come up with the cover design that will attract the right audience and catch attention from first sight.

? Can I order 2 or more concepts of the book cover design?

Yes, sure. You can order 2 concepts. The additional concept costs $100.

? Do I communicate directly with my designer?

Our designers spend 100% of their time creating a cover design for you and we don’t want to distract them. That’s why all communication, invoicing, and paperwork is handled by our in-house project managers: Nadia, Anastasia, and Carin.

? Can I use my own image for the cover?

We can use your image, but it should be licensed with a resolution of 300 DPI. Yet, we customize photos from stock photography sites and create illustrations for the ebook and print book cover designs.

? What final files will I receive?

The set of final files depends on the ordered package.

For ebook cover design, you’ll receive:

  • Free 3D model of the book for marketing use;
  • Ebook cover design in .jpg format;
  • Flattened source file with editable text in .psd format.

For ebook cover design+print book cover design, you’ll receive:

  • Free 3D model of the book for marketing use;
  • Ebook cover design in .jpg format;
  • Flattened source file with editable text in .psd format;
  • Files in .pdf, .jpg and .png formats.

For illustrated ebook+print book cover design, you’ll receive:

  • Hand-drawn digital art in .pdf and .jpg formats;
  • Source file in .psd format;
  • Free 3D model of the book for marketing use.
? Do you provide source files?

MiblArt provides a flattened source file with editable text in PSD format.

? How many revisions can I get?

We provide an unlimited number of revisions for book cover design. No hidden fees.

? What if I don’t have the final number of pages, book size, and blurb?

We can add this information at any time without extra charge, even if the project is finished.

? Do you generate a barcode?

We can generate the barcode for your print book if you provide the ISBN. ISBNs for Amazon and IngramSpark are different. You should only purchase one for IngramSpark, and Amazon gives its free ISBN and generates a barcode.

? Do you take deposits for photo manipulated book cover design?

No, we don’t take deposits for photo manipulated cover design. However, if you order a cover design with 2 concepts, $100 deposit is applied.

? What if I am not satisfied with the result?

Don’t worry, we provide unlimited revisions to provide you with the cover of your dreams.

? What rights do I get?

When ordering from MiblArt, the Client is purchasing a STANDARD license that allows to:

  • Sell an unlimited number of e-books and promote the book
  • Use your print cover to sell up to 500k physical copies of books

After payment has been made, you have all the rights to use your book cover under the Shutterstock Standard License terms of use.

If you exceed sales of 500,000 books, you may need to purchase an Extended License for each photo playing a major role on the cover. Please, contact us to get more information on the license.

? Can you sell non-book commercial merchandise with the art?

The standard license you purchase with our book cover design packages DOESN’T include the right to sell commercial merchandise. You need to purchase an extended license in order to print your cover on t-shirts, mugs, etc.

? Is there a limit to how many physical books can be sold using this art?

The license you purchase allows using your print cover to sell up to 500k physical copies of books. For books with a run of over 500,000 units, the additional license has to be purchased by the client for each stock photo that has a major role in the cover design.

? Do you have any discounts on book series?

Yes, when ordering book series, we give you 10% OFF each book cover, starting from the second one.

? What other discounts do you have?

We also offer 15% OFF book cover design when ordering it together with book formatting.

Also, you can order a promo materials bundle for $100 instead of $140 when ordering it together with the book cover design.

Illustrated book cover design

? What is your process of illustrated book cover design?

First, you choose a package, make a pre-payment and fill in the order form. Then, you have to choose the illustration style. We provide you with illustration samples made by different illustrators. Our illustrators have different techniques and styles, that’s why you will work with the illustrator the style of which you like the most. The final price will depend on the illustrator’s style and complexity of the illustration. Note, that you will know the price before cooperation begins.

You’ll receive the first black and white sketch in 10-15 business days. After that, we will work with you tightly to make your book cover look as you always imagined. That’s why we don’t limit the number of revisions.

You pay the remaining amount after you’re satisfied with the final look of your illustration.

? Do you take a pre-payment for this service?

Yes, we take a 50% pre-payment for illustrated book cover design.

? Do you provide the copyright for illustrated book cover design?

Yes, if requested, we provide you with the copyright for illustrated book cover design. However, we retain the right to use it in our portfolio.

? Do you offer illustrated character design?

Yes, you can order illustrated character designs for $200.

? What if I already have an illustration and just need to add a typography?

No worries, we can do it for you. Contact us to agree on the price.

Marketing materials and logo design

? Can I order an eBook only first, and add print cover and/or marketing promo files later?

Yes, you can add any of our packages at any time.

? What marketing materials do you offer?

We provide everything you need to effectively promote your book: social media images and website banners, ad images, book release, and cover reveal images, animated book covers, 3D mockups, bookmarks, etc.

? Do you have any discounts?

Yes, you can buy a package that includes all marketing materials (social media banner, cover reveal graphic, book release banner, and ad image) for just $100 instead of $140.

? What is the logo design process?

First, we send you a questionnaire to fill out in order to better understand your positioning and target audience. Then, our logo designer creates a mood board that contains all the information about the author, their genre, book characters, favorite book covers, fonts, color palettes, logo references, etc. This helps our designer to better understand your preferences and dig deeper into your writing world.

Then, we provide you with the logo preview on light and dark background and the main elements for your branding guidelines. At this stage, we accept your revisions on colors, fonts, details, and make changes if necessary.

After everything is approved, we provide you with the final files that include logo on white, black, and transparent background, branding guidelines, business card, and visualization of your branding elements on different products (t-shirts, cups, etc), and editable source files in PSD format.

? What final files do I receive?

You will get all the source files in EPS, PNG, and JPG format.

? Can I sell merchandise with my branding and logo?

If you want to sell merchandise with your logo and branding, you need to purchase an extended license. Contact us and we will provide a consultation on what license you’ll need.


Extra services

? What extra services do you provide?

We provide the following extra services:

  • Box set – $40
  • Audiobook cover design – $30 (conversion of existing book cover into an audiobook)
  • Paperback or hardback formatting for the extra platform – $30
  • Dust jacket design – $40
  • Book cover typography – $40
  • Back and spine cover design (for the existing cover) – $50

Payment and copyright

? What payment system do you use?

We use Stripe and PayPal. If the mentioned payment methods aren’t convenient for you, we will offer alternative options.

? Do you offer payment in installments?

Yes! You can spread the cost of your purchase into 2 consecutive monthly payments.

? How can I choose to pay in installments?

When filling out a brief, choose “pay in installments”. After you confirm the final design, our managers will send you an invoice with the payment method you’ve picked.

? What is the schedule for payment in installments?

You pay the first part after you confirm the final design. The second part will be automatically withdrawn from your payment system in 1 month after the first payment.

? Are there any commissions when paying in installments?

No, there are no additional fees.

? After I buy the photo manipulated cover, do I own all the rights to the art? Can I use it for anything I need?

Upon receipt of full payment, MiblArt grants the client a license to use the final cover design artwork. We can’t transfer the full ownership to you, since the ownership for stock photos belongs to the photographers who took them. The license you purchase with our book cover design packages allows you to:

  • Sell an unlimited number of e-books and promote the book
  • Use your print cover to sell up to 500k physical copies of books

For books with a run of over 500,000 units, the additional license has to be purchased by the client for each stock photo that has a major role in the cover design.

? Can I sell commercial merchandise with a photo manipulated cover design?

No, if you want to use the cover design in any other way, other than ebook and paperback cover, ( to print on mugs or T-shirts, etc), you need to purchase an Extended License.

? Is it possible to get a PSD (Photoshop) file of my cover?

Yes, we provide you with flattened PSD files.

Bonus points system

? What is the Bonus Points System?

The Bonus Points System is a reward program designed for authors who use Miblart for their book cover design needs. For every purchase, authors earn points, which can be redeemed for various services offered by Miblart.

? What can I redeem my points for?

You can redeem your points for specific services listed on the My Points page of the client portal. The selection of services available for redemption can vary and may be updated over time.

? Can I purchase points with real money?

No, points cannot be purchased with real money. They are awarded based on your order activity with Miblart to reward your loyalty and engagement.

? Can I transfer my points to another account?

No, points are non-transferable and must be redeemed by the account that earned them.

? What happens to my points if I cancel an order?

If an order is canceled, any points earned from that order will be deducted from your account balance.

? Can Miblart cancel my points or account?

Miblart reserves the right to cancel points balances or delete a user’s account if fraudulent or dishonest behavior is detected. This policy ensures the integrity of the Bonus Points System.

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