If you want to know how is the book cover design created, please check FAQs or contact us

What information do I need to send before you start working on a book cover?>
You need to provide these details before our project designer starts working on the cover design:
- title, subtitle and author’s name.
- is this a print book, or ebook?
- for print version please mention is it a paperback, softcover, hardcover, or hardcover with the jackets
- what platform will the book be published on?
- the size of the front cover and the number of the pages in the book
- summary for the back cover (if needed)
- ISBN, pricing, and barcode (if needed)
How long does the cover creation process take? >
Usually, a designer needs up to three business days to create a custom book cover design. The process may take more time if after receiving the first variant the client needs additional modifications.
Can you use my own image for the cover?>
Mostly we buy all the pictures for your cover. We can also use your own image but, please be sure that it is licensed and has more than 300 DPI.
What final files will I receive?>
Final files for the e-book cover includes:
- JPG of the ebook cover
- 3D mockup of the cover in PNG and JPG formats
- source file in PSD format
Final files for the print cover includes all the files for ebook cover as well as JPG and PDF of the print ready book cover
Can you place the title on the spine of the cover? >
To place the text on the spine of your book, it should have a minimal number of the pages.
For Amazon and CreateSpace your book should consist of at least 100 pages.
For Lulu - over 80 pages.
For IngramSpark - 48+
Otherwise, the text on the spine is not allowed
What if I’m not happy with the first version of the book cover? >
It may happen that you are not satisfied with the cover design. In this case, we are ready to redesign the cover. We offer the unlimited number of revisions, so you may ask for as many changes as you need.
Will all copyrights belong to me? >
All the rights for the cover usage belong to the customer. MiblArt has got the right to use the cover in the portfolio as the example of our work..
What is the source file, and why do I need it? >
The source file is the editable Photoshop file in the PSD format, which allows you to make corrections on the book cover by yourself.
Do I need to supply any examples that I like? >
If you have a chance to provide some examples of book cover designs that you’re keen on, it is welcomed!
What is the difference between $150 and $300 packages? >
$150 package includes custom print ready and ebook cover design created using stock pictures. For $300 you will get a cover illustrated from scratch, That means that the artist draw each line of the cover.
How can I pay you? >
We use Payoneer Billing Service to generate invoices for our customers. You may find all the information how to pay such bills on this page 'How to Pay a Payoneer User via the Billing Service'
Why all the files which I received have got watermarks over them? >
We put MibArt watermark over all the files before you complete the payment. After the payment is done you will receive all the final files without watermarks.