Frequently asked questions on book cover design process

What information do I need to send before you start working on a book cover?

We need the following details to start working on your design:
– title, subtitle, and author’s name
– a print book, an ebook, or both
– a book size and a number of pages
– platform or publishing house
– a paperback, softcover, hardcover, or hardcover with the dust jacket
– blurb for the back cover (if needed)
– author’s bio and photo (if needed)
– ISBN, price, and barcode (if needed)
– the genre of the manuscript
– place depicted on the cover
– timeframe
– character’s gender, age, race, ethnicity, appearance, and outfit
– particular details you want to see on your book cover

How long does it take to create a custom book cover design?

Our designer will create the concept of your ebook and/ or print book cover design within 5 business days. It will take extra time in case of revisions.

How long does it take to create an illustrated book cover design?

We deliver the first sketch of an illustrated book cover design in 7 business days. The concept will be ready in 15 business days. You should keep in mind that your prompt feedback on the received material is appreciated at each stage of our cooperation. The designer cannot proceed without your confirmation of the results.

Can you use my own image for the cover?

We can use your image, but it should be licensed with a resolution of 300 DPI. Yet, we customize photos from stock photography sites and create illustrations for the ebook and print book cover designs.

What final files will I receive?

The set of final files depends on the ordered package.

For Custom ebook cover design, you’ll receive:

– Free 3D model of the book for marketing use;
– Ebook cover design in .jpg format;
– Source file in .psd format.

For Ebook cover design+print book cover design, you’ll receive:

– Free 3D model of the book for marketing use;
– Ebook cover design in .jpg format;
– Source file in .psd format;
– Files in .pdf, .jpg and .png formats.

For illustrated ebook+print book cover design, you’ll receive:

– Hand-drawn digital art in .pdf and .jpg formats;
– Source file in .psd format;
– Free 3D model of the book for marketing use.

Can you place the typography on the spine?

We can place the text on the spine of your book, starting with a minimal number of pages. But, it varies, depending on the platform. It requires at least 100 pages for Amazon and CreateSpace, over 80 pages for Lulu, and more than 48 pages for IngramSpark. Otherwise, the text on the spine is not allowed.

What if I'm not satisfied with the result?

We’ll do our best to manage the case. We offer an unlimited number of revisions, so you may request as many changes as you need. We’re here to create a book cover of your dream.

Who owns the copyright?

Copyright belongs to the customer, but MiblArt leaves the right to publish covers in the portfolio on the website and social media. Our designers and illustrators can also use designed book covers as a part of their portfolio.

Do you generate a barcode for my book?

We can generate the barcode for your print book if you provide the ISBN. ISBNs for Amazon and IngramSpark are different. You should only purchase one for IngramSpark, and Amazon gives its free ISBN and generates a barcode.

What is the source file, and why do I need it?

MiblArt provides a source file in PSD format. You can use it to print scalable versions of the book cover or edit the design.

Do I need to supply any examples that I like?

It’s awesome if you can give us visual examples of the desired imagery, typography, or other book cover elements. It helps our designer better understand your ideas.

How can I pay you?

We use Payoneer Billing Service to generate invoices for our customers. If you want to learn more about the system, you may find this information here.

Why do I receive the files with watermarks?

MiblArt uses watermarks for files before the payment is completed. As soon as it is done, you’ll receive final files without watermarks.

Are any referral programs available?

MiblArt has a referral program. If you decide to tell your mates about the collaborating experience with us, and your friend becomes our client, both of you will get a discount for custom book cover design (ebook and ebook+print book cover design).

Do you have a partner discount?

We provide a custom discount (individual pricing) if you make more than 10 orders per month. Your individual pricing will depend on the genre and complexity.

Do you take a deposit for an illustrated book cover design?

Yes, the Client agrees to pay a 50% deposit for the illustrated book cover design before the Company starts working on it. Illustrated book cover design process consists of 3 stages: sketch, illustration, and typography design. If the client is not satisfied with the sketch and doesn’t want to continue cooperation, the Company is obliged to refund a deposit. Once the sketch stage is completed and the designer starts to work on the illustration, the deposit is non-refundable.

What if I don’t have the final number of pages, book size, and the blurb?

We can add this information any time without extra charge, even if the project is finished.