Custom Cover Design Case Study for Vultures in the House of Silence


Today is a perfect day to see how we create impressive book covers – as you’ve guessed, it’s our new case study.

A little reminder on what you get when ordering a custom book cover design by Miblart:

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Payment is required only when you love the result
  • One month of free reviewing after the book cover design is completed
  • The first concept is ready within seven business days.

No more delays! Let’s move on to creating an intriguing book cover for A. R. Latif’s historical dark fantasy Vultures in the House of Silence – the first part of The Servants trilogy.

The story of the book

  • Title: Vultures in the House of Silence
  • Author: A. R. Latif
  • Genre: Historical Dark Fantasy
  • Plot: A boy escapes vultures by sharing his story of Khurafa, a young gardener facing the aftermath of the Mongol invasion and battling the ancient group of sorcerers called the Servants. With the help of his mentor Shaykh Nariman and the clever Zakiyya, they search for saintly aid against the Servants but encounter more monsters. This dark fantasy adventure explores themes of grief, duty, and trust, drawing from Islamic mysticism and Middle Eastern folklore.
  • Settings: 1258, post-Mongol conquest Iraq.

How did we see this book cover?

Abdul shared his wishes with us but didn’t know exactly what type of cover he wanted. He tacked on a few sketches that conveyed the atmosphere and setting of his story:

The author also shared some book covers by Miblart that he enjoyed the most:

After analyzing the author’s request and references, our designer created an object-based cover concept:


  • The vivid red rose immediately draws the eye, creating a strong focal point that stands out against the darker, muted background.
  • A serif gothic font with embellishments for the title adds to the dramatic feel and complements the mood suggested by the imagery.
  • The background features dark wings, alluding to the ‘vultures’ mentioned in the title.

This type is perfect for the dark fantasy genre. But it was not the final version.

What did the author want to change?

A. R. Latif loved the cover concept. He also showed it to his focus group and got some feedback. The author asked for some changes:

  • Choose a different flower since a rose can be associated with a romance story
  • Add details that will enhance a Middle Eastern environment
  • Decrease a sparkling effect
  • Enhance the vulture elements 
  • Change the series name “The Servants Trilogy” to “The Servants Book 1.”

Here is what the updated version of this fantasy book cover design looked like:

The author liked the arabesque design in the stones. He also requested to keep just the vultures’ wings as in the initial concept and change a rose to a dandelion. This is a more vibrant flower than a white rose and doesn’t look romantic.

This was super close! A. R. Latif just asked to remove a blink on the title and inscription on the stone in the background.

Now, let’s enjoy the final result:

Summing up

This object-based cover perfectly suits the dark fantasy genre, giving hints at the storyline. The arabesque patterns highlight the Middle Eastern settings, while the dark background and vultures’ wings evoke the atmosphere of danger and evil events. A contrasting dandelion serves as a focal point.

What do you think about the final book cover? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Imran Mi-ha
5 months ago

This is some supremely amazing work. The Book Cover Design, with the perfect mash of embellished lettering and darkly set backdrop, casting a sharp chiaroscuro with the vibrant flower – did the perfect job of snagging my attention.
Sometimes I wonder how its even possible to make such enamoring Covers; however it must be kept in mind that this is the work of experts and adepts.