Premium Book Cover Design Case Study for Twinfinity


When you order our premium book cover design package, you get two incredible concepts that make it hard to choose one. But why choose when you can keep two?

That’s what Chris Podhola did when he saw two versions of the book cover for his fantasy Twinfinity. Keep reading to find out all the details of this deal.

The story of the book

  • Title: Twinfinity
  • Author: Chris Podhola
  • Genre: Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
  • Plot: Jolene, a Bai’aran Dok Toi torn between her destiny as a clan uniter and her moral compass, faces a dilemma. Despite her warrior instincts, she grapples with the realization that Isolem Treff, the ruler, sees his people merely as a food source. Jo-Vanna, Jolene’s understanding twin, hopes she makes the right choices in time to save other species from the empire’s fate. Jo-Vi’el, the Legion Commander, burdened by her past, understands that dealing with Jolene is necessary to quiet her own demons in the ongoing war that has spanned millennia.
  • Settings: A planet called Bolimar

How did we see this book cover?

Chris Podhola would like to get a character-based cover. The author also shared detailed descriptions of heroines and attached his drawing as a reference. 

Our designer reviewed the information provided by the author and created two concepts.

Book cover concept #1


Main character

The first version is focused on Jolene. We paid attention to her captivating and radiant eyes. In her pose, she exudes readiness for battle, holding a dagger, given her penchant for hunting dangerous creatures.


The designer highlighted the unique fauna described in the book. The dinosaur-like monster enhances the dangerous nature of the creatures inhabiting the planet Bolimar.

Color palette

The color scheme is rich, vibrant, and marked by strong contrasts. Hues ensure that the cover will genuinely stand out among competitors.


The typography style aligns seamlessly with the fantasy genre. The decorative glyphs in the title enhance its visual appeal, making it all the more enticing.

Book cover concept #2


Main characters

The second version includes both heroines. They stay back-to-back, symbolizing their profound connection. This pose also highlights confidence and strength. Their facial expressions convey their emotions effectively.


The designer chose a lighter and more neutral background to draw maximum readers’ attention to the characters. This backdrop provides a striking contrast, making the heroines eye-catching.


We added an intriguing layer with semi-transparent silhouettes of potential adversaries to the background. This trick hints at the evolving storyline and enhances tension and anticipation.


We chose a different font for this version. However, it still looks compelling and aligns with the fantasy genre.



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What concept did the author choose?

Chris Podhola loved the concepts so much that he decided to take both of them. The reason he did it was the theme diversity of the story. 

On one hand, it’s an epic fantasy in the sword and sorcery category that goes well with the action-based cover. On the other hand, the story has a reasonably strong psychological thriller theme. In the last case, the concept with twins enhances this aspect perfectly.

At the same time, the author chose the second concept as his primary one. He also asked to make the faces of sisters more emotionally different. After all, although they are twins, they have their own personalities.

Our designer fulfilled the author’s request and worked on the rest of the details of the book cover. We elaborated on the characters’ looks and clothes and added effects to the typography.

However, in the end, the author also decided to have two versions of the heroines’ emotional expressions.

As for the first concept, Chris Podhola didn’t ask for any changes. He wanted to keep the cover in its initial form and also ordered marketing materials. The author paid just $100 for this extra service.

Thus, Chris Podhola received two impressive covers.


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To wrap up

Chris Podhola preferred a character-based book cover. This type is a perfect choice for the fantasy genre. Moreover, the story’s main character boasts unique, memorable, and recognizable features.

Two book covers are indeed an excellent marketing trick. This way, the author can focus the audience’s attention on different themes of his story and attract a wider range of readers.

How much do you enjoy the final result? Which version is better? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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