Custom Cover Design Case Study for In the Valley of Diamonds


Seeing behind-the-scenes of the book cover design process is always exciting and impressive.

Today, we want to share one more case study regarding our custom design service, which includes:

  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Payment is required only when you love the result.
  • One month of free reviewing after the book cover design is completed.
  • The first concept is ready within seven business days.

Now, let’s jump right into how we created a fascinating book cover for Taylor Summerlin’s young adult fantasy In the Valley of Diamonds.

The story of the book

  • Title: In the Valley of Diamonds
  • Author: Taylor Summerlin
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
  • Plot: Alexander’s ordinary life drastically turns when the threat of losing his cherished childhood home arises due to the bank’s intentions. A wish on the northern star transports him to the dazzling Realm of Dreams, where he encounters Princess Aurelia. United by a shared goal, they agree: he aids her in restoring her imperiled kingdom while she provides him with precious diamonds to rescue his family’s farm. As an unforeseen malevolence emerges, their alliance and worlds are jeopardized, forcing them into a dangerous one-week battle for survival and preservation.
  • Settings: The setting jumps between 1935 Calverton/New York City and the Realm of Dreams/the Valley of Diamonds.

How did we see this book cover?

Taylor Summerlin had a previous idea for her book cover: 

Alexander is holding a green diamond while being placed between 1935 New York City, and the castle/valley of the kingdom called the Valley of Diamonds.

But at the same time, the author was open to discussion. She also gave us a detailed description of her protagonist and visual references. 

Taylor Summerlin shared some book covers that she loved. It was a pleasure to see the designs by Miblart among them:

Taylor Summerlin’s story is pure magic that impressed our designer a lot and inspired the following concept:


  • Double exposure allowed us to include many essential elements in the composition, making the overall image deep and captivating.
  • The silhouette of the diamond hints at a crucial artifact in the story and serves as a portal to an alternative world. It also draws the readers’ attention to the protagonist.
  • Various shades of purple suit the fantasy genre, evoking feelings of magic, wonder, and miracles.

This concept turned out mesmerizing, but it was not the final version.

What did the author want to change?

Taylor Summerlin loved the design. The protagonist looked good by himself, so there was no need to include the princess as another main character.

The only things the author felt to be changed were the character’s hair, which was too crazy, and his sleeves. 

Here is what the updated version looked like:

But it still could have been a better look for the main character. His shoulder seemed too small, making him appear more like a child or middle school rather than an 18-year-old young man. So, our designer made changes again:

Now, Alexander looked excellent. The last tiny note from the author was to remove the grass patch between the character’s fist and thigh.

No more edits were required. Let’s enjoy the full final book cover with blurb and spine:


Summing up

This custom book cover design process has resulted in a captivating and magical image. As we’ve seen, double exposure works perfectly for such fantasy stories, letting readers step into a fanciful world.

How much do you enjoy the final result? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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