Premium Book Cover Design Case Study for The Prototype Diagram

Premium Book Cover Design Case Study for The Prototype Diagram

We hasten to share a new incredible result created within our premium book cover design service.

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Now, let’s get to the process of creating an eye-catching book cover for the futuristic paranormal romance “The Prototype Diagram” by M. P. Smythe. 

The story of the book

  • Title: The Prototype Diagram 
  • Author: M. P. Smythe
  • Genre: Futuristic Paranormal Romance
  • Plot: Dr. Stephen Cain is a researcher on a moon base that is studying artificial gravity. By accident, he constructs the titular Prototype Diagram, a plate of metal that can summon an extra-dimensional energy being called a daemon. Dr. Stephen Cain, our hero, and discoverer of the daemons, quickly realizes they are powerful and dangerous. Dr. Christina Barr, a faithful Catholic, wonders if the daemons are fallen angels. As the scientists summon more and more daemons and the moon base is split in two, only they can work together to save as many as they can. 
  • Settings: An outpost on the Moon in around 2030.

How did we see this book cover?

The unusual genre and intriguing plot impressed us, so we eagerly got to work. Moreover, M. P. Smythe shared detailed descriptions of the main characters and image references with us. The author also showed an example of a cover with the desired color scheme.

The result was two contrasting versions of the cover in similar hues. One of them is focused on the main characters, and the second option includes both heroes and large-scale settings. However, let’s take a closer look.

Book cover concept #1

Example of book cover design

Main characters

In this version, our designer focused on the protagonists so that their emotions were visible. We also tried to portray the characters as close as possible to their descriptions and references.

Prototype Diagram

We tried to reproduce the moment the author liked the most: When scientists discovered the existence of demons. So you can see some energy coming out of the Prototype Diagram in the main character’s hand.


Our designer added geometric elements which symbolize demons. They perfectly complete the composition. These figures and the space sky look futuristic and emphasize the genre.


Since the background is saturated with many details, the designer chose a more neutral typography. It’s perfectly readable, and the final version will contain some effects to stand out better.

Book cover concept #2

Example of book cover design


The second version is focused on the environment, which looks very accented with the moon base. We didn’t know what the base looked like, so we chose the most spectacular picture we could find.


This book cover also contains demons in the form of geometric elements that perfectly fits the genre.

Main characters

We also included the protagonists in this version but made them smaller to better see all the elements around them.


Our designer chose the futuristic fond and added a cosmic glow. We placed it behind the base creating a 3D effect and a good layout.

What concept did the author choose?

P. Smythe liked both versions and even took several days to decide which one looked best. Ultimately, the author chose to move forward with the first concept and make some changes.

Dr. Stephen Cain

The man looked too old. According to the story, he should be 46 years old. Therefore, we changed his appearance to a more appropriate one.


Since this is a romance, our designer changed the poses of the main characters. Now it feels that they are close to each other.

Dr. Christina Bar

We changed the main female character’s clothes to a looser blouse.

Cover before and after

What about the final result?

The updated version was almost perfect. The author’s only remark was that the woman was not actually looking at anything. It would have been better if she looked at the man or the glowing diagram. Our designer changed this, adding even more romance to the book cover.

This is what the final cover of this incredible futuristic paranormal romance looks like:

Cover before and after

We also want to draw your attention to the full-size book cover, including its back. There, readers can see even more details of the moon base and immerse themselves in the book’s atmosphere.

Full version of book cover

Summing up

We had a lot of fun working on a cover for an incredible futuristic book. Among the proposed concepts, M. P. Smythe chose a version focused on the main characters. However, at the same time, it contains many details: geometric elements that symbolize demons, a moon base, futuristic equipment, and the Prototype Diagram itself. The final cover fully matches the genre of the novel and attracts attention.

What do you think about the whole process of creating this cover and the final result? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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