Custom Book Cover Design with 2 Concepts for Rising


We are thrilled to unveil our remarkable custom book cover design service. What sets us apart?

  • Unlimited revisions
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Today, we are delighted to showcase the custom book cover design with 2 concepts for Nelle Nikole’s sci-fantasy novel, “Rising.” 

Are you ready to dive in?

The story of the book

  • Title: Rising
  • Author: Nelle Nikole
  • Genre: Sci-Fantasy
  • Plot: In a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by nuclear war, humanity struggles to survive amidst the aftermath of radiation that has altered its DNA. Amongst the survivors, elemental magic runs through their veins, while a select few have developed extraordinary powers. Amaia is a fierce leader in The Compound, a powerful community in Monterey, California, fighting to defend its borders against a series of attacks from the undead. But when her partner is tragically killed in an explosion, Amaia is consumed by a burning desire for vengeance.
  • Settings: The year is 2029 in Monterey, California.

How did we see this book cover?

Nelle Nikole had several requirements for her new book cover:

  • She prefers a relatively simple one.
  • The image should be both dark and gritty to match the vibes.
  • The main character possesses fire magic, so it would be nice to see fire incorporated into the cover.
  • The DNA sequence can appear as it’s mentioned in the plot.
  • The author is open to using a silhouette but wants to keep it out in the distance rather than close up.

The writer also attached some examples of book covers she likes.

Book cover references provided by the author

After studying the author’s requirements and analyzing genre features, our designers created the following concepts.

Book cover concept #1

Object-based book cover

This type was preferable for the author. The object-based cover includes essential and symbolic things for the book’s plot.

Fire and DNA

Our designer placed the DNA sequence in the center as, according to the plot, radiation changed people after the apocalypse. And the fire is a hint of the supernatural power of the main character. 


The bright, realistic fire draws the readers’ attention and contrasts with the blue DNA sequence, giving the impression that it is made of ice.


The designer chose a massive Sans Serif font with a metallic effect for this book cover to give off a post-apocalyptic vibe.

Book cover concept #2

Character-based book cover

Since the author didn’t mind using silhouettes, our designer also created a character-based book cover. This type works perfectly for this genre.

Main character

In the center of the cover, we can see the main character standing with her back to the readers. At the same time, her gaze is turned to the challenges and dangers that lie ahead. We feel that she is ready for anything.

Fire and DNA

Fire occupies a significant part of the image: It creates a frame around the main character and burns on her hands, hinting at a superpower. Our designer also included a less visible red DNA sequence.

Colors and typography

We made this version in red, orange, and black colors, entirely associated with the fire element. We also used a massive Sans Serif font here.

What concept did the author choose?

Nelle Nikole picked the second concept as it fully met her expectations and ideas. The author didn’t even want any changes.

Next, our designer created the full version of the cover, adding the annotation, barcode, and publishing company logo.

Now you can enjoy the final result:

Summing up

MiblArt created a striking and vibrant book cover that perfectly captures the essence of the sci-fantasy genre. The author chose a character-based book cover with the protagonist in the center of the composition. She is surrounded by flames and boldly faces challenges. 

What are your thoughts on this bespoke book cover design? We welcome your feedback in the comments section.

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