7 Book Cover Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

7 Book Cover Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

You’ve worked on your book around the clock and now it’s finally ready. The next step is to wrap it up in a beautiful package and show it to the world.

If you think that book cover design is less important than content, you’re not right. Your great story deserves a professional cover that will attract the right target audience and boost your sales.  

In this blog post, we have gathered 7 most common book cover design mistakes authors make. Try to avoid them at all costs and you’ll be ahead of your competitors.

Let’s start.

Mistake #1 – Lack of intrigue 

A killing book cover design shouldn’t disclose your story. On the contrary, it should intrigue the readers and make them open your book. The success formula here is not to overload your cover with different details, but to uncover a bit of the novel and evoke imagination.

Lemuria book cover design before after

In the first book cover, you can see a monster above the smooth surface of the water.  Meanwhile, the beast remains underwater in the second cover and stirs up more interest to the plot.

Mistake #2 – Bad font choice

Typography is an essential element of the book cover design. It shows the character of your writing and can become your brandmark.

So, what are the common book cover design typography mistakes?

  • Typography doesn’t communicate the right genre and doesn’t express the mood. Try to convey it with special colors, imagery, and even customized fonts.  
white horizon before after
  • The title is not readable in a thumbnail on Amazon. The size of the title, as well as the author’s name, matters. It targets the reader. Typography helps to communicate the genre and mood of the book to your readers.
the crown book cover before after
  • Don’t use large-sized typography for the author’s name unless you’re a bestselling writer or you’re by ear. You can make it a bit smaller than the title instead.
hamster's night of terror book cover design before after
  • You should use the same alignment for the title, subtitle, author’s name, and the other text you want to include in the exterior design. Also, it makes the visual concept of the book well-organized.
immortal bones book cover design before after

Mistake # 3 – Bland design and dull colors

  • Prevent the lack of the contrast. Design in such genres as fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, and the like requires a bright palette. Tints of contrasting colors enrich it with vivid hues and catch an eye.
the galileons cover design before after
  • The color of the title is very similar to the color of the background, which makes it difficult to read. To avoid it, you can opt for the contrasting to your background hues. Yet, try to select amid a pleasant color palette so that people can read it in thumbnails and print.
fateful italian passion book cover design before after

Mistake # 4 – Too many visual elements

  • The book cover design has to hint at the concept and principle ideas of the plot instead of revealing everything. Don’t use too many elements that give away story details and confuse the reader. Focusing on the image with a symbolic meaning is an excellent alternative.
the sober journey before after

Mistake # 5 – Too much text on the cover

  • Using too much text is another typical fiction book cover design mistake. It looks confusing and distracting. You can highlight essential words with different colors or enlarge their size.
house of horror design before after
  • Too much text on the cover repels potential audience because people don’t like reading long titles and subtitles. Additionally, it may be challenging for readers to figure out what the book is about. We don’t mean you have to shorten the title or subtitle. Instead, you can highlight keywords with different colors or enlarge their size.
analyze people book cover before after

Mistake # 6 – Bad quality of images

  • Images with low resolution spoil the whole impression from design. It’s always better to choose high-quality pictures to make a book cover design eye-catching.  Also, make sure you possess the copyright for images used. 
silver mage book cover design before after

Mistake #7 – The design doesn’t communiсate the genre 

  • It’s significant to stick to your genre. Use certain colors and key elements to convey the desired feelings dwelled in the novel. Don’t mislead your audience. Meet their expectations and you’ll get more loyal readers.
a portion of dragon and chips book cover before after

Wrapping up

Book cover design is a key to successful book promotion.

Keep in mind these common book cover design mistakes when working on your next cover and increase the chance to stand out from other authors. 

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