9 Book Cover Design Trends that Await Us in 2023

9 Book Cover Design Trends that Await Us in 2023

This year isn’t over yet, but it’s time to learn about the book cover design trends of 2023. Why the rush? A book cover is a selling tool when marketing your new book. So if you publish your book in the new year, you should already think about a relevant book cover.

Today we want to share 9 book cover design trends coming in 2023. Be ready to see some eye-catching examples and get inspired!

How to predict future book cover design trends?

Predicting the future is difficult, but we will try. Moreover, it applies to our favorite occupation — book cover design. So what awaits us in 2023? 

First, book cover trends are more or less stable and permanent. After all, there is a clear understanding in the industry of how a marketable book cover should look like. It often does not make sense to reinvent the wheel. The main thing is to ensure that your book cover looks professional and harmonious, meeting the genre standards.

So we started by analyzing the past year’s trends and bestselling books to understand the secret to those book covers’ success. In 2022, book design was characterized by minimalism, contrasting blends of colors and textures, prominent typography, illustrations, and patterns. Most of these trends are effective and timeless, so we can see them even in 2021.

Then we looked into the general trends of graphic design because book cover art is a part of it. This aspect lets us discover which new techniques are relevant and which book cover designers can use. For example, 3D modeling and AI-generated art are coming in 2023. And we can apply these trends to create realistic characters and enchanting fictional worlds. 

Finally, we have analyzed the book covers of the most anticipated books of 2023. Some already have over 10,000 people who added the book to the wishlist. We know a book cover has played its role here as the right one can attract readers that would never otherwise discover it. But the wrong cover can consign your book to failure, no matter how good the story happens to be.

Well, it’s time to get into practice and see some examples of future book cover trends.

1. Object-based book covers with symbolic meanings

The minimalist book covers, which do not involve many objects, complex decorative elements, or protagonists, remain in trend. Instead, they include the author’s name, the book’s title, and one item with a symbolic or hidden meaning that is essential to the book’s plot.

Usually, the background does not contain settings or landscapes but is a one- or two-tone canvas. Thus, the reader turns their full attention to the book title and wants to discover what is hidden behind the mysterious object.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Non-fiction. 

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
 Book cover design by MiblArt

2. Complex and ornate patterns

Detailed and complex decorative elements occupy the entire plane of book covers. They include various patterns, symbols, and objects that are harmoniously intertwined. The reader can examine them endlessly in search of mysterious meanings.

Typography plays a vital role in this type of book cover because it must match the complex composition of patterns. When choosing fonts, it is better to prefer serif fonts with curls.

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery.

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
Book cover design example

3. Colorful vector illustrated book covers

Colorful book covers with simple vector images are another trend of 2023. Vivid drawings set the right mood and evoke certain emotions essential for the story plot. Readers can often see attractive main characters, bright settings, and cute animals on book covers.

Colors are vital as they grab the audience’s attention, spreading positive and romantic vibes. As for typography, choose large serif or cursive sans serif fonts depicted in bright hues.

Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Cozy Mystery.

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
Book cover design by MiblArt

4. Realistic 3D modeling

This is a new level of illustrated book covers. After all, 3D modeling allows you to create realistic images of the main characters, as close as possible to the description in the book and the author’s imagination.

In addition to the protagonists, you can depict 3D settings and different artifacts. This design trend allows readers to immerse themselves in the plot and touch the story as much as possible.

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction.

Book cover design by MiblArt
Book cover design example
Book cover design example

5. Bright monocolored book covers

Another trend in the design of book covers is when one color occupies almost 90% of the space. Such covers are bright and eye-catching and serve as an excellent background for typography.

However, monogamous color does not always mean minimalism. You can add many details of different shades of the same color or choose more colors that will take up a minimum of space. 

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy. 

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
Book cover design by MiblArt

6. Flowery and botanic motifs

This trend is immortal and has not lost its relevance for many years. However, it finds new ways of implementation in design.

In addition to the classic decoration of the book title with flowers and plants, we can see how the designers play with the main characters’ appearance with the help of botanical motifs.

Genre: Romance, Young Adult. 

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
Book cover design example

7. Vivid and contrasting color blends

Unexpected combinations of bright and contrasting colors capture readers’ attention from the first seconds they see the book. It can be both large-scale combinations and colored spots on a plain background.

This design trend works well for illustrated covers, such as vector or more complex designs. It also allows you to play with typography.

Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Non-fiction. 

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
Book cover design example

8. Typography as a key element

This trend proves that we don’t always need attractive main characters, iconic objects, or fantastical landscapes to create a selling book cover. Sometimes creative typography is enough, which occupies a central place in the composition or generally makes up the entire composition.

This trend involves choosing an unusual font, combining various options, placing it, or playing with colors and textures. After all, typography can also create the right mood and evoke emotions.

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Non-fiction. 

Book cover design example
Book cover design example
Book cover design by MiblArt

9. AI-generated book covers

2022 was the year when software capable of creating drawings burst into the lives of millions. If earlier such a tool was earlier available to a limited circle of people, then Midjourney made this opportunity available to everyone.

The use of AI-generated images to create book covers remains controversial, mainly due to copyright issues. However, we expect this direction to develop in 2023, and people will continue experimenting with Midjourney.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Romance.

Book cover design examples

Summing up

We hope you got a dose of inspiration for your new book cover. In 2023, many creative and extraordinary trends await us, in particular:

  • Minimalist object-based book covers with symbolic meanings
  • Detailed and ornate patterns with many elements
  • Colorful vector illustrations
  • Realistic 3D modeling of characters and settings
  • Bright monocolored books covers
  • Flowery and botanic motifs
  • Vivid and contrasting color blends
  • Prominent and eye-catching typography
  • AI-generated images.

However, trends are not obligatory rules. They can inspire you or help to find a direction to move. It’s essential to create a book cover considering your genre standards and target audience’s taste.

What book cover trend do you like the most? Share your opinions in the comment below.

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