Custom Cover Design Case Study for Peter Pan in Wonderland


Did you miss our custom book cover design process reveal? We did, so here’s a fresh portion of it.

But first, let’s discover some pros of this service:

  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Payment is required only when you love the result.
  • One month of free reviewing after the book cover design is completed.
  • The first concept is ready within 7 business days.

Today, we share the process of creating a magical book cover for Jeni Conrad’s young adult fantasy Peter Pan in Wonderland. By the way, Jeni is our regular customer.

Let’s start!

The story of the book

  • Title: Peter Pan in Wonderland
  • Author: Jeni Conrad
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy 
  • Plot: On a family trip to an amusement park, Wonderland, Peter Anderson and his adopted sister, Alice, run into his ex-girlfriend, Jillian Hook. To escape her notice, they dash into the funhouse, where all three crosses into the mirror world ruled by fairies, monsters, magic, and floating ships with mad pirates.

What was the author’s vision?

Jeni Conrad knew what she wanted to see on her new book cover. The author provided us with many details and references that were helpful for effective cooperation with the book cover designer.

So, what were Jeni Conrad’s requirements?

Silhouette-based book cover 

The author wanted to see a pirate ship outline with a wide range of elements inside it. It would create a magical portal to the story events the readers wanted to immerse immediately.

Images inside the outline

Jeni Conrad gave us a list of characters and objects we should use:

  • Running white rabbit
  • Peter Pan wearing modern clothes
  • Mushrooms
  • A pirate hook hand
  • A tiny fairy flying.

All these elements should be just shadows and silhouettes.


The author wanted to see a beautiful night sky in the background. The moon and stars should be lighting up the scene of the shadows.


Jeni Conrad preferred the typography to be whacky with fantasy vibes. She is going to use the same font for the other books in the series, so it shouldn’t be too crazy or over-used. It can be metallic or silver to match the whole star theme.

How did we see this book cover?

We took into account all the author’s wishes and created a magical book cover that attracts readers’ eyes:

Concept of custom book cover design 

Isn’t it absolutely stunning?

  • The purple color palette evokes fantasy and charming vibes.
  • A lot of details intrigue the readers and encourage imagination.
  • Shining elegant typography matches the magical atmosphere.

However, this is not the final version.

What did the author want to change?

Jeni Conrad highly evaluated our job. She especially loved the following:

  • The Wonderland walkway, mushrooms, and Queen of Hearts’ castle
  • Peter and Tinkerbell who look iconic but not copied at the same time
  • Cards outside the ship as a lovely touch
  • Typography choice.

Moreover, the author got feedback from friends and offered some changes that made this book cover more amazing.

Shape of the ship

Since it’s a flying ship, the readers should also see its keel because water doesn’t cover it.

Color palette

Jeni Conrad worried that there is too much pink for a book that will have half of the time told by a boy. However, she liked the bottom of Wonderland’s land in pink and purple to change it, so she proposed darkening some parts a bit. 


The running rabbit is cute but needs a bit longer ears to become more recognizable.

Our designer made these edits, and here is the result:

The colors and other stuff were perfect now, except for the ship’s shape. It still could confuse readers who don’t know what it is already. So, we decided to change the angle of the ship. And it worked!

Before and after book cover design

As a final touch, we’ve added a motion effect by curving three face cards. Enjoy our outstanding result:


Summing up

This creative cooperation has resulted in an eye-catching and gorgeous book cover. It also looks fun and engaging, inviting readers to join the adventure. In addition, the book cover communicates a magic and fantasy atmosphere and attracts the target audience.

We should highlight the essential details  Jeni Conrad provided. It was a great pleasure to work on this fantastic cover.

What do you think about this custom book cover design? Tell us in the comments below.

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6 months ago

This is hands down the best book cover on Miblart, and it’s my absolute favorite! Great job! 😊