13 Useful Tips for Christmas Book Promotion

13 Useful Tips for Christmas Book Promotion

Christmas is the best time of the year for many people. It isn’t only about gathering with your family, but it’s a chance for Christmas book promotion. As we’re approaching the biggest buying holiday, you should think of your books as a part of the sales company that is already around the corner. 

Do you still doubt that the Christmas holiday season perfectly fits the book promotion? Leave all the scruples!

I’ll tell you how to prepare and promote your books in the holiday season to make both your ebooks and hard copies a thrilling present under the tree. 

Just keep reading.

Why the Christmas holiday season is the best time to market your book

The Christmas holiday season is well-known as a time covered with a sense of tenderness, care, and joy. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to market your book in the holiday season. 

Wondering why?

Here are two main points. Initially, your writing will be certainly in trend. All you need to do is to create a warm story that contains the best features of Christmas. Secondly, you can choose among different options on how to promote your book. And, of course, do not forget about book cover design

Well, it’s time to make a list of essential preparations before writing your Christmas book.


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What you should do before writing your Christmas book

Here are some necessary steps that will help you prepare for writing a Christmas story. 

Analyze competitors 

Sometimes it appears complicated to come up with the ideas of Christmas writing, especially several months before the very holiday. So what is the way out? You may start by analyzing the works of other writers in your genre. They might have published some holiday books, which can serve a decent bit of inspiration.

Yet, I realize not everyone writes Christmas stories, and you may find nothing or a few of them.  Here’s another solution that will certainly work out in case if it’s hard to come up with ideas for your writing. You should recall the plots of your favorite holiday books. 

Here’s our list of Christmas stories and novels that will inspire you with some focal themes and prototypes of the characters for your writing: 

  1. “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens
  2. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” By Dr Seuss
  3. “Letters from Father Christmas” by J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey” by Susan Wojciechowski
  5. “The Gift of the Magi” by O.Henry
  6. “The Fir Tree” by Hans Christian Andersen 
  7. “The Greatest Gift” by Philip Van Doren Stern
  8. “A Letter from Santa Claus” by Mark Twain

I hope after reading these books, you’ll absorb in the holiday mood and find ideas for your works. And remember, Christmas is a time of the year when adults willingly read fairytales and undeniably believe in miracles. Don’t waste your chance to share a piece of bright hope with the world.

Do hashtag research 

Use hashtags to find more information on the Christmas season. Jane Friedman suggests doing holiday-themed hashtag research as a means of inspiration. It’s preferable to use hashtags to increase relevance and searchability as well as reflect your personality. Add them to your posts so people will find you effortlessly. Moreover, the new audience may discover you quickly.

Have a glance at these bunch of hashtags you can begin using right now: 






















Do titles research 

Your book title matters. In other words, it should be appealing and relate to the mood of the holiday. Unlike generating book titles at the time of the year, try to combine Christmas keywords with the theme of your writing to set this connection. 

Besides, you may find best selling Christmas books on Amazon. Among this variety, you can choose the tiles that may work for you. Otherwise, you can use them to create something different. By the way, you may start with the list of Christmas readings regarded above. 

With this in mind, I’m sure you’ll cope with writing your Christmas book. If you want to begin writing it right now, go ahead and make some notes. 

For those who still wait on inspiration, let’s not waste time but learn about the ways on how to promote and sell your Christmas work. 

Tips on how to promote and sell your book at Christmas

#1 Get a holiday-themed book cover design 

What is a book without a cover? This time, it should be a holiday-themed one. That’s why you should customize typography, imagery, and color scheme of your fiction book cover design to the Christmas season. 

Let’s dive into the world of Christmas design and opt for the best element for your holiday book cover.


The following fonts are the most popular ones. They include the miracle and warmth of the holiday. By the way, they perfectly match both fiction and non-fiction.




All the things you can associate with Christmas may be the elements of the imagery composition for your book cover. They may be a Christmas tree, snow, warm drinks and cocktails, presents, decorations, ribbons, snowflakes, a plaid, Santa Clause, and many others.

Christmas Shopaholic book cover All I want for Christmas book cover 

Also, you can choose the scene or the character that reflects the plot of your book and add one Christmas element to create this mood.

Christmas on the Range book cover The Boss Who Stole Christmas book cover 

Colour Palette


The Christmas color palette includes the traditional variety of colors. Red, blue, white, and green will give a hint at your Christmas writing. 

Meanwhile, purple, turquoise, and pink serve as an unusual option. 

Chick Lit

#2 Create a Christmas mood on your site and social media accounts

It’s rather challenging to promote Christmas writing without holiday decorations on your social media accounts and site.

Will it work? By all means! 

Plenty of businesses add a bit of festive flair to their brands. So, it’s an excellent chance for you to adopt this trend. Try to incorporate Christmas elements into the header and profile image. It will boost the overall mood, so you’ll induce your visitors to read your Christmas writing.

Get absorbed into the festive spirit and let your readers feel its scent.

#3 Collaborate with other indie authors in your genre and create a Christmas book with different short stories

It would be awesome to start a collaboration with another indie author and write your holiday story. And, Christmas is a perfect time to try creating something unusual. So, It may be either your common novel or several different stories. Of course, they should have some connection. And it’s not about writing but the sense of miracle and the spirit of the holiday. 

#4 Use your current book characters and create a Christmas story with them

Let the Christmas season bring your writing a wind of changes. In other words, you may set your most popular book characters into the holiday time. For you, it’s a chance to develop a new plotline and endow your character with extra features or improve the current ones. For your readers, it’s a fresh breath of air. You can solve their problem of Christmas reading, providing a theme book for this time of the year. And, the adventure of the well-known character emerges a lovely bonus. Feel free to use this idea for your Christmas book and dare to create something unusual. 

#5 Holiday Updates and Challenges

Christmas is almost the final holiday in a year. Thereby, it’s an excellent opportunity to plan and set challenges for the upcoming year. Why not share these ideas with your audience? Prepare a post for your blog or write about it on social media. For instance, inform your audience that you plan to publish four-six books per year. It will motivate you to write as well as add a sense of anticipation among your audience. You may also create a poll on what is more challenging: reading books or writing them. It will help you find out about your readers’ intentions. Needless to say, you’ll get the most valuable thing – engagement with your audience. 

#6 Upgrade your current book covers

Add some element of Christmas decor to your print books or ebooks. For example, you can decorate the covers with a red ribbon, set the image of a holly plant or a reindeer in one of the book covers. You won’t spend much, but your book will get a festive upgrade. With this little trick, your book becomes a perfect Christmas present, attracting new and potential readers. 

#7 Give Christmas gifts with each sold ebook 

When you ask people about their associations with Christmas, the first thing they might think is gifts. So, it’s a chance for you to show your generosity to the world and, yes,  give presents. 

How can you manage that?

Provide a present as a bonus for buying your ebook. It may be a poster with a calendar or a gift card with a discount for purchasing your book. Additionally, you can prepare a PDF file with a holiday short story, Christmas recipes, holiday guides on how to decorate a house, or tips about choosing Christmas presents. Moreover, you can prepare a package of holiday stickers and bookmarks. 

Use traditional Christmas elements or incorporate characters or sayings from your writing with the holiday motives. Address your imagination to create unique and unusual presents. As you’re aware of your readers’ preferences, you’ll be able to interest them.

#8 Create a Christmas newsletter series 

A series of newsletters will boost your holiday marketing campaign. There are two things to keep in mind. Primarily, you have to decide on the term. For example, you can send your newsletters within 12 days or for a fortnight. Secondly, you should select an exciting theme. It can also be a challenge with different tasks for your audience. You may encourage them to write a review for your book, recommend a book on social media, and do other compelling stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to reward your subscribers for each completed task.  

#9 Host a Christmas giveaway 

People love the chance of winning, and running giveaway provides this exposure. For writers, it’s an excellent way to gather email addresses and enlarge the number of subscribers. Prepare the task for running a Christmas giveaway, such as following your page on Facebook, subscribing to newsletters, or leaving the email address. At last, select a random winner on Christmas morning and make a gift – one of your books.

#10 Organize a Christmas themed contest

The main idea of this promotion is to have fun and generating publicity. Try to manage the contest that requires more than just buying your books but engaging with your audience on social media. 

Let people share their emotions. So you may ask people to submit their photos with their favorite books. Also, you can propose to post their pictures wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and holding your book. Or, it may be a photo of your work placed in some unusual location. 

If you have only ebooks, then let your readers compete in the emotional reading of the passage from one of your works. Whatever option of the contest you choose, don’t forget to award the winners with decent presents. 

#11 Give a Christmas promo code 

Giving a Christmas promo code with a discount for the next purchase of your book is another excellent idea to show your warm care to your current subscribers. Also, you may use this trick to collect new email addresses. Just make a post in your social media with terms or create an interactive game on your site to refresh your mailing list and give a discount with the promo code.  

#12 Cross-marketing

You can agree on cross-promotion with other writers. It’s a mutually beneficial collaboration because your books gain visibility with relevant new readers. Team up with one or more writers on panels, post interviews in your blog or social media, or create a mutual series to reach a new audience. You may use these and think of other ways of co-working to market your Christmas books.

#13 Run “Bring a Friend” campaign 

It would be great to encourage your current readers to engage their friends. Provide a discount or give a little present to a person who will bring a friend. Also, you should award a new member for joining your audience — people like presents, especially before Christmas.

Summing up

I hope these tips help create and promote your Christmas writing. Different methods of marketing will bring joy to you and your readers. Get the most from this Christmas season, and don’t postpone the promotion of your books. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll willingly help with all your questions.

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