Interview with Volodymyr Volianyuk, Senior Designer

Interview with Volodymyr Volianyuk, Senior Designer

From now on, you’ll have the possibility to get to know MiblArt designers. Working on a book cover design is both a creative and challenging task. But it’s always fun. We invite you to see the world of book cover design through the lens of our designers.

And we’ll start off with Volodymyr Volianyuk — our Senior Graphic Designer. Curious? Then read on…

Volodymyr, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Well… I guess the top 3 adjectives that come to my mind are responsible, stubborn, and sometimes fierce. 😂

When and why have you decided to become a graphic designer?
Graphic design has always been my cup of tea. I used to design postcards for different holidays, like International Women’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day, as well as posters, pamphlets, etc. I enjoy working with Photoshop. Graphic design is all about creating and bringing more beauty to this world. That’s what drives me the most.

Name top 3 challenges you come across every day at work.
Brainstorming the ideas, visualization and implementation.

Out of these three, what’s the most challenging?
Definitely brainstorming ideas. It’s always a challenge to find the best and most appropriate idea for book cover design. First of all, it has to communicate the genre, plot, and message. But, at the same time, this idea shouldn’t spoil the content, so readers will be excited to find out what’s behind the book cover.

When it comes to creating a book cover, what’s your favorite part of the process?
I enjoy the entire process from the very beginning until the end. However, giving life to the author’s ideas drives me the most. It’s challenging but rewarding work. Once you create the cover that the author loves, you know that those endless hours of work were so worth the result!

What’s your favorite genre to work with? And why?
Oh, definitely epic fantasy and thrillers. Why? Because of the atmosphere. All the attributes of the genre are so fascinating to me, and I always feel as if I’m a part of the epoch.

What inspires you the most?
Silence is my best source of inspiration. This is when I can organize my thoughts and ideas and recharge at the same time.

Do you have a dream destination? What’s that?
My dream is to design movie posters for Netflix. This is my career destination.
If we speak about traveling, I’d love to visit Switzerland and Iceland. I’m in love with nature, and that’s what fascinates me in these countries.

Your message to Authors…
Many people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, readers either fall for your book once they see it or skip it and look for the next one. And the main task of any book cover designer is to help readers fall in love with your book right in 3 seconds. There is a thin line between being interesting and spilling all the contents of the book. A good book cover should give hints and let your readers wonder what’s inside.

If you have any questions to Volodymyr, ask away in the comments to this post!

Stay tuned, more interviews are coming soon…

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david mills
david mills
2 years ago

I agree about the 3 seconds. I have always said 6 seconds, but it is the same idea.