Interview with Maria Starkova, Graphic Designer

Interview with Maria Starkova, Graphic Designer

Today we’d like you to meet our book cover designer, Mary. She’s a true combination of pure fun, creativity, determination, and an eye for awesome cover designs.

Now let’s get to know Mary a bit better.

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Assertive, positive, and responsible.

What soft and hard skills does a great book cover designer need to become a pro?
I think to be an outstanding book cover designer you should have an innate passion to learn and apply your knowledge in practice. You should always look for more and more references and sources of inspiration. And that’s what makes anyone outstanding in any domain.

What inspires you the most? What’s your source of inspiration?
I guess the details. Sometimes authors provide such a detailed and inspiring description of their books that I can’t resist starting working on the cover design right away! That’s just magical what words can do to our imagination! And when I finish the design, I always keep my fingers crossed I can read a book as soon as possible. 😍

How do you deal with challenges in work?
Whenever anything happens, the most important thing is to quickly and efficiently solve it. Plus, I always treat any challenge as an opportunity to learn more and grow. I admire the learning process. Also, it’s such a magical feeling when you apply all knowledge in practice and see the difference.

What’s your biggest 2020 insight?
Probably there’s hardly anyone who can tell that 2020 is their favorite year. It brought us a lot of tough events and decisions. However, I am a strong believer that we gotta keep moving and remain positive, no matter what. I guess that’s the main insight and a lesson that 2020 brought us. 😉

Who’s your favourite designer?
I can hardly think of JUST one. Any designer is an artist. Each artist has their own style that anyone can learn from.

Tell us about your hobbies.
I love watching movies, reading books, and travelling. I was always curious to learn about other people’s cultures. Hope that pandemic will end soon, and we will be up and kicking and able to expand our horizons as we used to not so long ago 🤩

Do you want to wish our readers something for 2021?
I have such a Christmas mood this year I never had before!
Wishing everyone good health, a lot of inspiring ideas, positive thoughts and events and of course, a very happy and fabulous new year! 🥳🎄

Got a question for Mary? Ask in the comments below!

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