7 Self-publishing Trends in 2024 to Skyrocket Your Writing Career


If you want to develop a successful strategy for 2024, you can’t do so without knowing the key self-publishing trends. That’s why we’re here to tell you what awaits all of us in the upcoming year.

Keep reading to learn why you should release audiobooks, how AI can simplify your writing workflow, how to enhance your book aesthetics, and why you must review your website design.

So, let’s get down to the business and dive into the self-publishing trends deeper.

Trend #1. Demand for ebooks and audiobooks continues to grow

The number of readers who prefer ebooks is expected to reach 1.1 billion by 2028. This is unsurprising, as electronic versions are cheaper and accessible from any device. 

This is good news for indie authors who often have a limited budget. After all, it is cheaper to publish an ebook. Moreover, you can spread the digital version worldwide more efficiently and faster than a physical book, which requires extra costs for shipping at a minimum.

The audiobook market will grow by 26.4% annually over the next seven years. The voiced versions are an excellent opportunity to expand your audience. They allow people to immerse themselves in your books even when they’re busy cleaning or walking.

So, if you haven’t created an audio version of your story yet, it’s time to do so, especially since it’s easy and fast to produce it today.

self-publishing trends - ebook format

Trend #2. AI becomes the best assistant for writers

Let’s start with audiobooks. KDP has launched a beta feature that allows you to create audiobooks in minutes using virtual voice narration, a synthetic speech technology. Indie authors no longer need to hire a narrator and spend extra money on it.

Further, AI helps writers create catchy blurbs for their stories or improve existing ones. Besides, ChatGPT can help proofread your text for grammatical and spelling mistakes. By the way, popular proofreading platforms, such as Grammarly, have also added generative AI functionality.

You can also use AI to do quick research for your book, generate visual references, or just for inspiration. All these make technologies one of the essential self-publishing trends.

Trend #4. Romance and fantasy are the most popular genres in 2024

Romance was among the most demanded genres in 2023 and will remain so in 2024. Another popular genre is, of course, fantasy. If we look at the list of the most anticipated books on Goodreads, every second one is a story about magic and mystical creatures. If you want to kill two birds with one stone and rise to prominence in the upcoming year, maybe you should write a romantasy book.

However, not only fiction will be popular. The non-fiction book market will grow from $14.62 billion in 2023 to $15.1 billion in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 3.3%. So, if you prefer to write memoirs, self-help, and personal growth books, the forthcoming year is the time to shine as an author, too.

Trend #5. Book aesthetics become essential

Recently, we told you what book cover design trends you should pay attention to in 2024. They are not rules but will help you find direction and inspiration for creating marketable and attention-grabbing covers for your stories.

However, there are other ways to help you stand out from the crowd and make your audience want to buy your book. These things enhance your book aesthetics, encouraging readers to generate social media content. Let’s talk about them.

Page overlays

They help your readers better visualize the characters and setting and immerse themselves in the story. A few high-quality illustrated scenes can be a game changer for your book promotion.

page overlay examples as self-publishing trends


Colorful or sprayed fore-edge

The edge can be monochrome, harmonizing with the color palette of the book cover. You can also order a limited edition with sprayed edges containing key symbols from your story.


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Dust jacket as an alternative cover

Dust jacket raises the status of your book and creates a wow effect. To enhance it, order it to be different from the main cover. It can be more ornate and rich.

dust jacket as one of the self-publishing trends 


On the contrary, you can make a dust jacket exquisitely minimalistic. By the way, this is an excellent idea for spicy romance authors because some readers can be embarrassed to read books with provocative couples on the cover in public places. A minimalist dust jacket will allow you to take your story everywhere.

Trend #5. Video marketing is one of crucial self-publishing trends

Short video forms, like TikTok clips and Instagram reels, remain a powerful marketing tool, and here is why.

As of December 2023, BookTok has more than 205.1 billion users, which is growing daily. It’s no secret that the platform helps authors who have been overlooked for a long time become popular. For example, as happened with Lloyd Devereux Richards.

As for Instagram reels, 2.35 billion people interact with them monthly. Thus, you must take advantage of this vast audience. 

Generating book video content for TikTok and Instagram should be included in your promotion strategy in 2024 if you haven’t done it yet.

Trend #6. Accessibility for your readers

Take care of your readers with disabilities. This means that electronic and audio versions are a must. This way, readers can adjust the font size and contrast and listen to your book if traditional reading doesn’t work for them.

However, accessibility is not only about the book format but also about your website. Add to that the ability to choose a version for people with low vision or a voice search function. Reviewing your website in general for compliance with web accessibility principles would be a good idea.

Trend #7. Augmented reality enhances your stories

Augmented reality is one of the upcoming marketing trends, but you can use it to create immersive experiences for your audience. Picture this: they are reading a story, and suddenly, with the help of a mobile app, the characters and scenes come to life right before their eyes.

This technological leap enhances the storytelling experience and bridges the gap between imagination and reality. AR transforms books into interactive portals, inviting readers to explore narratives in a whole new dimension.

Summing up the self-publishing trends

Now you’re ready and equipped to face 2024 and achieve even greater success as an indie author. Let’s summarize the upcoming self-publishing trends once again: 

  • Ebooks and audiobooks remain in high demand
  • AI technologies simplify and fasten writer’s work
  • Romance and fantasy are expected to be the most anticipated genres
  • It’s essential to enhance your books with extra aesthetic features
  • TikTok and Instagram reels can boost book sales
  • Authors should make their books and websites accessible to everyone
  • Augmented reality can make your stories stand out.

Which of these self-publishing trends do you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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