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Here’s Why You Need to Take This Course

  1. Prepare for the cover design process You’ve been working on your book around the clock, and now it’s finally finished. The next stage is to present it to the public in attractive packaging. Even if you want to hire a professional book cover designer, there are some preparational steps you have to take. Run our course and find out what they are.
  2. Learn how cover design helps to sell your book Book cover design is one of your main marketing tools. Discover how to use a book cover to promote your book and attract your target reader.
  3. Enjoy effective cooperation with the designer Fancy how to build a sufficient working process with your designer? After finishing our email course, you’ll know how to choose a professional designer, what to include in a book cover design brief, and how to arrange fruitful cooperation to get the book cover of your dream.

This Email Course is for You, if:

You’ve finished writing your book and passed to the cover design stage
Have little or zero knowledge of book cover design process
Had a poor experience with a book cover designer

Over the Next 7 Days, You Will

Learn how to analyze book covers of your competitors
Define an art style that sells in your genre
Learn how to find a talented book cover designer
Create a meaningful book cover design brief
Grab out-of-the-box ideas for using your book cover in marketing campaigns

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