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Book formatting prices

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Ebook formatting

Number of words3 ebook formats (doc, mobi, epub)
Up to 20K$49
20 to 50K$69
50 to 200 K$89
The package includes
Appropriate front and back matter (copyright page, linked table of contents, acknowledgment, etc)
External and internal links to websites
Maintaining your italics, bold, underlined, strikethrough

Ebook+print book formatting

Number of wordsPrint PDF+ 3 ebook formats
Up to 20K$129
20 to 50K$159
50 to 200 K$189
The package includes
A print-ready PDF file formatted for KDP Print and IngramSpark
A table of contents with page numbers if needed
Footnotes or end notes as required

*If your book includes a lot of images and tables, please contact us for a firm price.

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Interior book formatting portfolio

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That’s why we also offer additional author branding design services

Social media banner - $39

Reveal your talent on social media and attract the visitors attention with custom social media banner.

Brochures and flyers - $39

Communicate with your audience offline and spread the word about your writing.

Business card - $49

Represent your author brand and grow your network with appealing business card.

Logo design - $69

Author logo design may contain a signature, icon, mark, or symbol, which focuses on your identity as an author.

Bookmark - $39

Bookmarks ease reader’s lives and serve as a sweet reminder about the events they’ve read.

Facebook ads image - $19

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Extra services

Do you need more assistance? We're here to help

Paperback and hardback cover formatting for extra platform - $29

Animated book cover design - $50

Cover formatting for an audiobook - $29

Dust jacket design - $39

Box set (with existing cover, including 5 books, every additional cover fee is $10) - $39

Book cover typography (choosing fonts for ready image or illustration) - $39

Book formatting process

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