Instagram Pages Authors Can Follow for Knowledge and Inspiration

Instagram Pages Authors Can Follow for Knowledge and Inspiration

For an indie author, following the right people on Instagram is a great way for finding inspiration, useful tips, unique experiences, and opportunities they can’t find elsewhere. Being a solo self-published writer can be tough; fortunately, the Internet and Instagram bring us all closer together. 

So, here’s a list of the small, medium, and big Instagram pages authors can enjoy or benefit from. 

Instagram Pages for Author Knowledge & Insights

If, as an indie author, you seek more knowledge and insights from industry experts and experienced writers, the following Instagram pages are for you. 

Emily Golden Edits

Emily dedicated her career to helping you become better writers, and she does it with infectious passion, acute understanding of the craft, and a drive of a true educator. Her Instagram page is a trove of useful advice on world-building, character development, story structure, and all things that make a good writer a good writer. Besides that, Emily has a great taste for mesmerizing mountain photos — a pleasant bonus amidst a stream of useful content. 

Self-Publishing With Dale

Dale L. Roberts has an active, insightful YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dale where he helps self-published authors to self-publish more effectively. Dale also has a criminally underrated Instagram page with a kaleidoscope of useful tips and tricks for indie authors. He also makes interesting interactive streams. If you want to learn more about the business-y aspect of self-pub, Dale’s page is a go-to. 

Shayla Raquel

Shayla Raquel is an author, editor, speaker, and marketer with a delightfully energetic and positive online presence. Shayla uses her Instagram to share her self-pub experiences about do’s and don’ts of the industry, skills an indie author should have, book marketing tips, and many photos of her three adorable dogs. 

BTL Editorial

Hannah Bauman is an editor, author, and writing coach. It’s always useful to learn from the experience of people who combine writing and editing expertise. But in Hannah’s case it’s also fun and easy as she presents all information in an enjoyable, often interactive, and easy-to-follow way (and also, augmented by tasteful photography). 

Burgeon Design and Editorial

Tiffany Grimes and Sam Flick do books, editing, and web design (and the latter clearly shows in the seamless presentation of their Insta page Begoun Design and Editorial). On top of various writing advice, you’ll find on their page sincerity and can-do attitude that make you wanna write more and do it better than you did a day before. 

Make Your Story Matter 

Abbie Emmons is a charismatic author, YouTuber, and podcaster. She mostly uses her Instagram to inform about her newest videos or podcast episodes dedicated to ins and outs of the industry and writing craft. In addition, o has that warm old film vibe that feels fluffy and welcoming. When it comes to such a platform as Instagram, it’s difficult not to appreciate beautiful imagery. 

Instagram Pages for Author Inspiration & Fun

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, is a many-faced creature, and you never know which of the faces will smile to you. That’s one of the privileges of being a writer, anything can inspire you to create a new story; you just need to expose yourself to numerous new experiences. Besides, it’s important to unwind and relax by adoring various facets of humanity’s creativity;

Whew, that’s too many words to say, Having fun is important

So, here’s a few Instagram pages that can help you with the task:

Sarah Reads Literature 

Sarah V presents herself as a Dutch bibliophile and lover of classics, and it shows in all the good ways (and she indeed reads a lot of literature)! The combination of cozy, pastel-hued photos creates the desire to grab a cup of a hot beverage, dive into a blanket, and read (or write) a book or two away from the world and its troubles. 

Folded Pages Distillery

Folded Pages Distillery is even more gorgeous photos with gorgeous book covers and interesting book-inspired conversations. If you want to dive into the stream of bookish beauty, Distillery is the place. 

Ice Cream Books 

Who would have thought that combination of the most famous cold dessert and book covers would be so surprisingly whimsical, inspiring, and fun? We certainly didn’t, but Ice Cream Books proves that it’s possible. 


More book covers! But without ice cream this time for better or for worse. Regardless, they’re great, plentiful, and inspiring.

Arts of Future 

For many authors, nothing can be more inspiring than an imaginative drawing that speaks so much in such a little space. A painting can be profoundly inspiring, and if you’re down in writing spirits and motivation, it can help lift you. Arts of Future may just be the Instagram account for the task as it contains a vast array of masterfully-painted worlds.

Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers is a super-useful resource for the authors with a metric ton of great content and tools. Writers Helping Writers’ Instagram has all of that too, but — which is most important in this case — memes! 

Bookstagram Personalities and Authors 

Following people who’ve achieved some degree of success or acknowledgment in the writing field can be important for motivation and learning. Here is a couple you may not know: 

Amanda Montell

Amanda Montell is a linguist and an Author of books Wordslut and Cultish (already intriguing). She has a bright and exciting Instagram page saturated with quotes from her books, interesting anecdotes, and a unique genuine personality that’s difficult not to like. 

Alexa Donne 

Alexa Donne is an infectiously energetic author of YA novels and a YouTuber. Follow her Instagram for interesting events, cats, beautiful book cover designs, and engaging personality. 

Nai’a Kamehanaokala Perkins

Nai’a Kamehanaokala is an aspiring writer and a successful booktuber/bookstagrammer. She comes from one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but her perceptive, clever mind and way with words can outshine the colorful landscapes of Hawaii. Follow her Instagram, not only for book-related posts but also for knowledge about indigenous Pacific islanders, and amazing shots of her homeland. 

Brandon Sanderson

Do hyper-productive meticulously-skilled people motivate you or discourage you, underlying your shortcomings? If you find them inspirational, Brandon Sanderson is the author to follow as he is mind-blowingly productive who also has an active Instagram, where he also shares gorgeous fan art on his Instagram page. 

Bethany Atazadeh

If you’re at least knee-deep into self-pub, you must have stumbled on Bethany Atazadeh’s content (and her cute corgi). She’s a writer and now a mother (congrats! ). As a YouTuber, she shares the hard-earned bits of self-pub knowledge with the audience. As an Instagrammer, Bethany shares book covers, tips, anecdotes, charisma, and a cute dog with her followers. What’s more to ask? 

Ehm… and also

While we’re at it, you can check out our Instagram page! There, we share our covers, how they’ve come along, and why we made certain artistic decisions; provide design and writing tips, checklists; and host interesting events with other self-publishing experts and personalities. We may be biased, but we think you should give our Instagram page a try.   


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