Emily Webster Self-Publishing Story

Emily Webster Self-Publishing Story

Emily V. Webster is a young but very committed indie author who has already published two books of The Drifts series and plans to publish three more, with book 3 coming soon this year. Even though she debuted last year, Emily’s fan base expands consistently, while her determination to create and self-publish more awesome books grows each day. 

How did she transform from a passionate book lover into a successful indie author? Here’s the story of Emily V. Webster.

Since the age of 9, Emily dreamed of writing novels. Books, movies, and TV shows impressed her with fantastic worlds, unbelievable adventures, and plots that defy reality, that’s why she decided that she’ll create stories of her own. And so she did: in 2021 she published two novels that were warmly accepted by the fans of YA adult fantasy. And, of course, she does not plan to stop.

Writing allows Emily to share her imagination in a creative way, while the indie route lets her keep the say in how her books look and how they’re distributed. When she thinks about her indie author career, Emily admits that it was all about achieving the dream she had for most of her life.

Still, completing the first book was not an easy task. At some point, Emily realized that you can’t write a great story in one night. Especially if you plan to create a series of books. Research is another aspect of an indie author’s life that takes a lot of time and effort. From making the story believable to exploring ways to promote the book, you need to process tons of information, make sense of it, and choose the right ways to move forward.

Besides, writing could get overwhelming. And it’s not just about the huge workload and the need to fix all holes in the plot. It’s also about figuring out who will edit the book, how to format it, where to get an awesome book cover design, and how to attract the first readers.

Getting through all the obstacles at the start of the indie career was not simple, but with patience, determination, and hard work Emily managed to figure out her way to success. She admits that for her, just like for many beginner indie authors, self-publishing is a learn-as-you-go process. But if you truly want to be an indie author and enjoy yourself and the process, there’s nothing that would stop you.

Despite all the challenges, Emily never thought about giving up her dream of becoming a writer. “I won’t let some difficult moments make me forget what I want to do,” that’s what she repeated to herself at times when she faced new difficulties on the way. Although, Emily admits that the wish to take a break from the self-pub life is totally fine – you need to switch to other things to find new sources of inspiration and come back with fresh ideas.

Emily Webster motivational quote

While completing the manuscript is an achievement in itself, book marketing is another key aspect of self-publishing that an indie author cannot afford to ignore. Emily uses multiple platforms and strategies to spread the word about her work and keep warm relationships with her fans. Instagram, newsletters, and giveaways are her favorite approaches to marketing right now because they allow keeping the fans updated and engaged and help potential readers find her books. Active online presence is the key to success.

Even though the path of an indie author is not easy, Emily believes that if you have passion and drive for writing, you should go for it. Here’s what she would advise to every beginner self-pub author:

  1. Do your research. It’s a must. Don’t stop exploring, and always make sure you put the research to the test.
  2. Don’t try to win the love of all readers. Not everyone is going to like what you write, so don’t let it stop you and make you doubt. Find your audience and write for them.
  3. Remember why you started writing in the first place. More than likely it’s because you enjoy it; it makes you happy; it gives you a way to express yourself. When you publish, do it to make yourself proud.

Emily Webster self-publishing advice

Emily believes that an indie author is someone who wants control over their hard-earned work, has a story to tell, and is determined to share it. She wishes everyone who only starts their indie author career to believe in themselves and their ideas. Remember, your audience is out there waiting to read your story. So don’t let them down and never give up your dreams, no matter how fantastic they may seem to you right now.

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