Book cover pricing

MiblArt was founded for many reasons and one of those is to give everybody an equal opportunity to afford a good-looking book cover created by qualified professionals without spending a fortune. This is why our package options include as many essential features as possible.

– Need a 3D mockup for advertising? It’s included.
– Afraid you might have to pay a stock image fee? It’s included.
– Need a source file in case you want to get an animated cover later on or simply make some changes? We’re not going to charge you for that as well – it’s included.

Custom ebook cover design

  • Custom ebook cover design
  • First concept delivered within 3 business days
  • Free 3D model of the book for marketing use
  • Ebook cover design in .jpg format
  • Source file in .psd format
  • Royalty-free images
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Ebook cover design + Print book cover design

  • Includes everything in the ebook cover design package
  • Custom spine and back covers design
  • High-resolution, ready-to-print files
  • Print cover formatting for the requirements of the publishing platform (KDP, Lulu, IngramSpark, etc.)
  • Barcode generated from your ISBN
  • Files in .pdf, .jpg and .png formats
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Illustrated ebook + print book cover design

  • Illustrated book cover designed from scratch with 2 characters and a background (*every additional character costs $50)
  • First concept delivered within 15 business days (the first sketch is delivered within 5 business days)
  • Hand-drawn digital art in .pdf and .jpg formats
  • Source file in .psd format
  • Free 3D model of the book for marketing use
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Extra services*

$24 Print cover formatting for one more additional platform
$99 Audiobook cover design from scratch
$24 Cover formatting for an audiobook (includes resizing of the e-book cover for audiobook cover size requirements)
$34 Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) banner
$39 Brochures and flyers
$44 Business card
$64 Logo design
$34 Bookmark
$34 Book set (with existing cover, including 3 books, every additional cover fee $10)
$39 Book cover typography (creating fonts for ready image or illustration)
*All prices for extra services are approximate. Contact us for ordering extra services separately and discussing the prices. Otherwise, you can add the options you need in the order form.
Extra services*