Success story of the new independent publisher in partnership with a book cover design company.

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Most of MiblArt’s clients need help with editing and publishing their books that’s why we decided to introduce you one of our partners. Our team works with Avant Garde Publishing for a few months but within such short period of time we became good partners who always ready to help each other. We hope that partnership with a book cover design company helps to develop their business and get more clients.

Scerina Elizabeth will tell more about Avant Garde Publishing and offered services.

About Avant Garde Publishing

Avant Garde Publishing is a brand new independent publisher who supports indie authors. We know what it is like for a new author or even a experienced author when trying to get their books published and noticed. Getting a book published is the easy part but getting it notice is the hard part. We offer author services where you can hire a Personal Assistant who has Public Relations and Marketing experience who can help get your book noticed via various promotional channels (i.e. book tours, release blitzes, author takeovers, release parties, and so much more). We also offer graphic services where you can hire one of our graphic artists for your graphic needs.

Avant Garde Publishing services

We offer nothing but the best in services (i.e. Critique Partner, Writing Coaching, Editing, Proofreading, Graphic Art & Design, Personal Assistant, Marketing, and Public Relations). Our services are top quality and we want to make sure our author clients are beyond fully satisfied with our work with bringing out the truly best in their manuscripts when we publish their manuscripts. During the manuscript screening process, our editors are very selective in the manuscripts they choose to work on. If the manuscript does not meet certain criteria, we will not accept it. But at the same time depending on the amount of work that is needed to improve the manuscript so that it meets our requirements to publish it, we may choose to accept the manuscript under certain circumstances.

Avant Garde Publishing process of work

If the manuscript needs further work, our editors will require the author work with them on the manuscript so that we can work towards publishing it eventually. Now there are times, which are a rarity, where we will not accept manuscripts for certain reasons including but not limited to: poorly written, very offensive, plagiarism, etc. For reasons such as plagiarism where the work is not even the author’s or if it was stolen, we would have no choice but to reject the manuscript. We do not encourage plagiarism of any kind and if the author is caught doing so, they will be blacklisted from our publishing company.

Our editors will check for plagiarism during the screening process first and foremost before reading the manuscript itself to make sure the manuscript is truly authentic. They will also require proof of copyright to make sure the manuscript is legit and truly belongs to the author.

The reason why we are so strict with the screening process and our standards are so high is because we want top quality manuscripts to publish. As an independent publisher, we are very selective with authors we choose to take on and work with. We look for top quality manuscripts and our screening process is very rigorous. Our services is top quality and the best of the best. Our main aim and goal is to publish the best of the best within the book publishing industry. We want our authors to be very happy with our publishing services and we want their readers to truly enjoy their books.

Benefits which you will get

Avant Garde Publishing is truly a one of a kind book publisher where we go above and beyond to not only meet our author client needs but also to meet the reader needs in making sure books that we publish is truly one of a kind and pure quality to enhance the reading experience of the reader.

We are currently accepting new authors who have manuscripts ready for submission. We accept all genres including Erotica and other adult themed genres.

Any clients of Mibl Art will receive a discount on their Publishing Non-Refundable Fees which covers 25 Printed Paperbacks upon publishing their book with us.

Here you may find the contact info of Avant Garde Publishing if you would like to publish your book with them or just check the list of their services.

Email: AdvantGardePublishing2018@gmail.com
Website: https://www.avantgardepublishing.org/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/AvantGardePublishing/

What you can get if you decide to partnership with a book cover design company

If you want to follow the example of Avant Garde Publishing you will get the reliable partners, the ability to outsource a big amount of work, the possibility to enlarge your business and improve your service.
If you want to partnership with a book cover design company, we are ready to discuss the conditions of our cooperation. Please, check our page
for partners and contact us.