A little story about MiblArt or where to get the professional book cover design?

MIBLART | Book Cover Design

MiblArt is a kingdom of graphic design where amazing book covers are born. After the cover grows up, it goes to Amazon and catches eyes of every reader who see it and becomes a selling book cover design.
Does it sound like a fairy tale? Sure, it does. But in every fairy tale you can find the truth, as covers created by MiblArt are really eye-catching.

Now let’s go back to real life and let me tell about our company and our work. First of all, we are a book cover design company and create covers in different genres starting with urban fantasy and ending with cookbooks. You can order ebook or ready for print book cover design and will get the best possible design solution with the files suitable for those platforms and publishing houses which you use.

Advantages of MiblArt’s services

As for me, MiblArt has got two significant advantages compared to other similar websites. First of all, in the third package, we offer the cover with the illustration from scratch. This package is perfect for fantasy book covers as illustration allows to create the character and the setting following all the details from the story. It’s the best option if you want to place a fiction monster on the front cover of your book.

The second advantage is that our customers pay only after they see the final result. You should not pay 50% of the cover cost beforehand unlike other similar websites. In such a way we guarantee our customers that we will provide them with top book cover design and show that we trust them.

Among other benefits which you can get working with us is a fast turnaround, and one month support. In the description of each package, you may find that we offer the unlimited number of revisions. It means that you may ask as many changes as you wish and you will get the updated cover design within 48 hours. If the changes are complex and may take more time, we will tell you about it.

Even after the project is finished and you made the payment MiblArt team offer one month support which means that you may ask to change the following:

  • size of the cover
  • number of pages
  • text on the back cover
  • subtitle or title
  • author’s name (in case if you decided to use your pen name)
  • author’s photo on the back cover
  • barcode

Additional services related to book cover design

Except that our company offers other design services related to cover design. They are the following:

  • audiobook cover design
  • design of banners for Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • bookmark design
  • logo design

We even design the mockups of websites for authors. This service is not on the pricing page because there is no fixed price for it as different websites have a different number of pages and the time for their creation varies.

Now there are 23 employees in MiblArt and we are more than coworkers. Within almost three years of our existence, we became a family, and every new member of our team becomes a part of MiblArt family in a week or two. Such close relationship helps us to support each other in work on new projects and deal with all technical difficulties.

One week ago we updated our website, so it is absolutely new. Here you may find all the information about our services and in case if you need to get to know more, just contact us.

MiblArt wants to help self-published authors in their work, that’s why we are going to post many articles related to book cover design and self-publishing. Also, we welcome authors to post their articles on our blog. Drop us a line that you want to share some useful information through our website and our manager help you with that.

Would you like to become our partner

Our company works not only with indie authors but with publishing companies as well. MiblArt has got a special offer for you with a list of extra benefits such as reasonable prices, checkout at the end of the months, the possibility to get a big amount of created covers. If you want to become our partner, please check our partner page.

If you need book cover design or any help with graphics for your book release, MiblArt is always happy to help you with that. I promise you will enjoy working with us.

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